Sarah Heinz | Solid Rock

Sarah Heinz | Solid Rock

Predictable Unpredictability

I have learned a number of life lessons since I moved to the Dominican Republic, and learning to expect the unexpected and roll with it is a lesson I continue to learn every single day. Every week in orientation I talk to the teams about the importance of flexibility – that is the name of the game around here! When I wake up each morning I have a rough outlook for the day, but the one thing I can count on is that my day won’t end up looking quite like I imagined.

Predictable unpredictability. I can always count on something happening that I don’t expect. Sometimes that is a flat tire or a truck not starting (always when you need to get somewhere or transport the team of course). Sometimes it’s a last-minute change to the barrio site location. Other times it’s flight changes or cancellations with all the necessary transportation adjustments being made afterwards. Or sometimes it’s taking the construction team to their work site, going back for a wheelbarrow for them, having to stop at a gas station to fill up the flat tire of said wheelbarrow, returning to the construction site to find out that the power is out, taking half the team back to the guesthouse so they can work, and then finally getting started on the work I planned on doing. Prior to moving here these things would have thrown me for a loop and really stressed me out. Now these things can make me laugh and think “Well of course this would happen right now!” The unpredictability is one thing I know I can always count on here!

So, what have we been up to in San Juan since my last update? Well, we have been busy! We had a barrio/construction team, then a barrio/construction/chiropractic team, then a barrio/construction/orthopedic surgery team, a week off to catch up/prep, and then this past week we had a barrio/ENT surgical team. Typing that out it makes sense why I feel so tired right now! The weeks have flown by, each day feeling full to the max, but there have been so many good moments. I have also loved getting to see so many familiar faces! I am so grateful that I get to be a part of this ministry and work with so many incredible people.

Outside of ministry, there has been a lot going on too. At the end of January our newest American staff member, Kelsi Smurr, joined us in the DR. I met Kelsi in January 2020 when we both served together on barrio team. I am excited that Kelsi has joined our team, and I’m thankful to have another medical person on staff. On our week off the American staff got together and shared parts of our testimonies and how God brought each of us to the DR.

This month Rue and Blue made a trip to the capital to get fixed. Both surgeries and recoveries went well. Rue and I are both happy to say goodbye to the cone! Rue has always been a very snuggly girl, but she stayed extra close during her recovery. I removed the sutures from both dogs’ incisions and that was definitely a group activity!

Two weeks ago Katelyn hosted a Galentine’s party which was a lot of fun. We have been so busy lately, so it was really nice to spend some time together outside of work. We all brought a dish to share, sang, danced, painted, laughed, and enjoyed our time together.

Prayer requests:

  • Team unity
  • Endurance for the last 3 weeks of this 10 week stretch
  • Healthy and safety
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